By: Laurie Bezold aka Polly Riddims

On Wednesday after the election, in a state of fear and tears, Fusion staff sat in a circle for a few moments and held hands. We reaffirmed our commitment to social justice, our support of each other and the Partners we serve. But the most positive thing for us that day was that we could come to work and be together and even more determined to build a beloved community. Fusion is a family of folks who want to see equity and justice in the world.

And now, in only a week after the inauguration, Trump has unleashed racism, sexism and violence in a way that none of us imagined could happen.

Moving forward we commit to continue to support the amazing work and impact of our Partners, seek their input and advice on what works best for them and all of us. Find ways to come together and build power through collaborative action and look deeply and critically into how our work is transforming hearts minds and systems for justice. We invite anyone connected to Fusion to come to us to suggest ways they would like to be engaged in conversations, healing, and connection during these times, We will do our best to hold and create the space for that to happen. Our love is for all of the people of Baltimore, this country and the World. With a united front, we still believe we can change the world.

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