Fusion partner The Baltimore Free School is excite to announce the new Strength To Love Project course running through March of 2015.  The Strength To Love Project, consists of individuals (esp creatives) getting together to discuss social justice issues and engage in creative expression around the theme “Strength To Love”. The film Selma, Dr. King’s third book, “Strength to Love”, the #blacklivesmatter movement and other mediums will be used as material for these conversations. Participants are encouraged to create a piece(s) of art, poetry, music, film or civic engagement which they were inspired by, from those conversations. Its all capped off with a exhibition/performance of the pieces.

Classes will be offered Saturday evenings FREE OF CHARGE!   Online video chat and phone-in options will be made available for individuals who are in other states or who can’t make it in person.

For more info on the Strength To Love Project, class content, and class scheduling visit the Free School’s website HERE


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