Wow,  we can’t believe the incredible wealth of community power and support for Fusion that radiated throughout the halls of the MICA graduate studio on October 19th as we came together for the Innovation For The Greater Good Conference.   The workshops and dialogues throughout the entire day really proved that, although there are many battles yet to be won for social justice in Baltimore City, we have no shortage of great hearts and minds hard at work on sculpting solutions!  Even in the half day conference it seems that everyone carried a ton of inspiration home with them.  I know that we here at Fusion are just swimming with ideas on what our next steps are, as community organizers and as a movement for social justice, and  we’re already hard at work on some of them!

If you couldn’t make the conference subscribe to our blog through the e-mail subscription (at the bottom of the page) or our RSS feed to keep up to date on our follow up discussions or other ways you can get involved with the Fusion Community!  We’ll also be posting some media content from the conference in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for that.  In the mean time you can view the super inspirational Photo Booth project that was lead by MICA Students Onaly Bright, Monique Johnson, Emma Chin, & Sarah Middleton who asked our conference presenters and attendees “What does the greater good mean to you?”  The responses they got really speak to the inspirational spirit present throughout the entire conference.  Click the image below to view the entire Gallery!


We also can’t go without mentioning the great music, dancing, and food that we had at 2640 that evening as we celebrated the 15th year of Fusion!  We definitely were feelin’ the love as Jah Works grooved us into our 16th year and as we move forward we carry all of the love and support from our grassroots community.  Our sweet sixteen is going to be a year to be remembered!

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