Here at Fusion we like to think of our approach to fiscal sponsorship as a novel approach to the cutting edge support of Grassroots Social Justice Community Organizing.  While we are incredibly excited about the potential of fiscal sponsorship to enable communities to do great things we also understand that novel ideas often require a little explanation.  A while back we decided that the best way to relate how Fusion supports our community of grassroots programs and organizers was to let them do the talking!  Long time subscribers and fans of Fusion Partnerships, Inc. may recall the post “What Has Fusion Done For You?” -A Video Series- in which we sat down with Hit & Stay’s Joe Tropea to find out how Fusion supports his project.   Recently our amazing super-woman intern Erika Rodriguez took it upon herself to put together another video interviewing The Den’s Kalima Young about what Fusion has done to support the realization of Baltimore’s LGBT  Youth Center!   The video turned out great so take a few minutes to check it out and learn more about the work we do here!

“What has Fusion done for you?” -Interview Series- Episode 2- The Den

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