Fusion Program Youth Empowered Society (YES) is coming very close to opening the doors of a drop-in center for homeless youth! Founded and run by formerly homeless youth and their allies, the YES Drop-In Center will be a safe space to meet the immediate needs (e.g. hot meals, clothing, supplies, showers, laundry, storage, etc.) of Baltimore’s homeless youth between the ages of 14-25 and establish supportive relationships that help youth connect – and stay connected – to long-term resources. Legal, health, and mental health service providers will visit YES weekly. Additionally, youth will learn independent living skills, their legal rights, and have the opportunity to organize with their peers and advocate for policies that are responsive to their needs.

YES is currently working very hard to iron out the final details to secure space to soon offer services from 3-8pm each weekday evening. Until then, they could really use your help, and the help of your networks, to begin collecting supplies and donations.  YES is now running two simultaneous online fundraising campaigns because we want you to be able to choose the campaign that best fits you: GiveCorps (https://givecorps.com/projects/195-youth-empowered-society-help-yes-drop-in-center-open-its-doors) offers great local incentives, but We Pay (https://www.wepay.com/donations/youth-empowered-society-yes) takes a smaller percentage of what we raise. Thank you in advance for whatever you can give to support opportunity for Baltimore youth!

YES needs:

· Office furniture
· Office supplies
· Office phones
· Cleaning supplies and a vacuum cleaner
· Kitchenware (plates, bowls, cups, glasses, and silverware)
· Colorful paint (for our walls) and painting supplies
· Curtains and/or blinds
· Non-fabric couches and chairs
· Tables
· A washer and dryer (preferably as one unit)
· Well-functioning computers & printers
· Cork boards and white boards
· Lamps and light bulbs
· Hygiene products (such as shampoo, face wash, lotion, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc., in both travel and full-sizes)
· Non-perishable food
· Towels and flip-flops for showering
· New or lightly used youth-friendly clothing
· Gift cards to Target, Walmart, and other stores so that we can purchase supplies that we’re not able to collect, and gift cards to Home Depot and Lowes so that we can purchase supplies for our shower renovation

Please contact Lara Law, at lara@yesdropincenter.org or 443-631-3017 if you have anything to donate. Also, please contact the group if you would like to volunteer with YES (specifically need skilled labor volunteers to help us with the shower renovation). Thanks so much!

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