We would like to extend a hearty “THANKS!” to everyone who made last weekend’s filmfest possible.  The films were all wonderful and viewing them in such great company was definitely a highlight for us!  For those of you who were unable to attend, please take a look at the list of films and check out the great programs who presented (accessible through the links).  We had a number of generous donations that will help to support Fusion in the comming months.  If you were unable to attend the filmfest but still would like to support the great work we do here at Fusion, please consider making a tax-deductible gift.  To find out how to donate in the manner most convenient for you see our DONATION PAGE.

Films screened at the Filmfest were:

We would also like to thank the event’s sponsors for their efforts and generosity:
  • Janet Felsten
  • Dan Herman
  • Keith Holt
  • Stacey Gurian-Sherman
  • Susan Russell
  • Mt Washington Wine Co
  • Paul & Gayle Gavazzi

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