It recently occurred to us here at Fusion that in the last year our programs have been doing some really great stuff with film.  Whether it’s the youth driven film production of New Lens, the antiwar activism centered documentary work of Hit & Stay, the encouragement and support being cultivated by The Den through their “It Get’s Better: Baltimore” series, or even the demonstration video’s being made by the folks over at The Baltimore Free Farm our community of change has been hard at work!  So, we decided it was time to bring our programs together for a recognition and celebration of all the Social Justice work being done here at Fusion.  Things are still “in the works” but we’re pretty excited so we thought you might wanna save the date! The Fusion Filmfest will be held:

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011


2640 Space

2640 Saint Paul Street

Baltimore, Md, 21218

Stay Tuned For More Info As It Becomes Available!

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