Fusion Partnerships is working hard in 2011 to continue to grow and serve the social benefit community in the Baltimore region and to expand our work to be a catalyst for social justice.   This year we have been asked to serve on the National Network for Fiscal Sponsors Steering Committee, which should help raise the visibility of fiscal sponsorship and its benefits for grassroots community leaders and help to better support the missions of our programs and projects.   Our goal this year is to find more and more opportunities for collaboration and action for change.

Please continue to check our website and find out more about our work.


Through collaborative action, including fiscal sponsorship, Fusion Partnerships, Inc. works to be a catalyst for justice and peace.


Our vision for Baltimore is thriving communities with equitable resources, modeling collaborative processes and organizational structures which uplift all voices and create opportunity for truth, connection and love.

Fusion is the merging of different elements into a union with a simultaneous release of energy.

Fusionism: The theory or practice of forming coalitions